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Improve Workflow. Increase productivity both in the office and the field.

Field Services Assessment for Mobile Forms

Please complete the questions below to recieve an assessment.

Field Sevices Video
Contact Person*
City* State*
What types of paper forms are you using?
How many paper forms per day, per employee are being completed?
How many employees fill out paper forms outside of the building?
How often are the completed forms returned to the office for processing?
Do you use an overnight service to expedite critical business forms from location to location?
If so, How often?
How do you think your current process could be improved upon to expedite key business procedures such as billing, early warning for customer satisfaction issues, inventory updates, etc.?
How much time is spent filling out forms?
How much time is spent keying information into your systems?
How often are forms lost?
Are you concerned about liability due to lost forms?
How are you currently storing your paper forms?