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Rover INK® Enterprise


Rover INK® Enterprise Software is a complete end-to-end workflow system. The software serves as a central hub for collecting and distributing information received from mobile data personnel who complete forms using either a digital pen or a tablet PC. Collected data is processed, verified, and stored in a database within Rover INK® Enterprise. From this central depository information is available through a secure web portal for viewing and distributing forms, management reporting, and for export to back-office systems such as accounting, CRM, HR, ERP and other proprietary systems.


How it works



  • To achieve maximum efficiency, users are defined into job roles and data is processed and verified specific to each job role. See Architecture.

  • A secure web portal to access all functionality of Rover INK® Enterprise is provided. It includes:

    • Complete user management. Control access to features and vital information using permission-based role management.

    • Workflow and groups. Assign workflow processes and signoff steps. Create groups and manage the way forms flow throughout an organization.

    • A complete forms database. Every form processed through the Rover INK® Enterprise is stored in a Microsoft® SQL Server™ database built into Rover INK® Enterprise.

    • Each form includes:

      • An original image of the handwritten form in an image and PDF format

      • An image of the verified form in an image and PDF format

      • A time and date stamp indicating when the form was written and another indicating when the form was verified

      • The XML output of the verified form fields

      • CSV output of the verified form fields

      • An attachment feature allowing the addition of a document (photo, word document, etc.) to a form record

      • Any custom export that you have developed in coordination with RTF

    • Distribution.  Option to email or print any form.

    • Search. Easily search for any form using subject, date, time, or any specific field (i.e. Work Order #).

    • Supports Multiple Forms.  Add an unlimited assortment of forms.

    • Management Reporting. All form data is stored in a SQL database and is available for use with reporting programs such as Microsoft® Access, Microsoft® SQL Server Reporting Services or Business Objects® Crystal Reports.
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