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Why Rover INK®?

It’s the fastest way to move information from the field to the office and you don’t have to change the way you work!

If you are a company that gathers information from traditional handwritten forms, Rover INK® is an ideal solution to help move those paper-based processes into the digital world. Rover INK® is based on Anoto digital pen and paper technology.

This exciting technology combines the portability and acceptance of traditional pen and paper with a computer's ability to store, share and act upon collected information.

Did you know?

  • According to Gartner Group, for every dollar spent on producing paper forms, between $30 and $60 is spent in processing those forms.

  • US businesses spend nearly $6 billion on preprinted forms; however, the cost to capture this information electronically, that is form data, is estimated by Gartner to be 60 times that amount- $360 Billion

  • Microsoft estimates that a simple vacation time request costs a company over $150 per form to process.

  • Collected forms-based information is reported to take, on average, anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks to end up in your back-office system.

  • Up to half of forms processing costs are linked to re-keying data, verifying for accuracy, searching for and retrieving information.

  • It is estimated that the amount of time wasted by average workers on document-related, non-value-added tasks is currently 30%- 40% of each day.

  • Retrieving a misfiled document costs approximately $120.

  • The average document is copied, either physically or electronically, 9 to 11 times.

Features Matrix
Feature INK2Docs Rover INK
Rover INK
Xpress Plus
Rover INK
Rover INK
Supports various/unlimited forms x x x x x
Supports multiple users   x x x x
Bluetooth capable   x x x x
Creates PDF of original handwriting x x x x x
Emails PDF of original handwriting x x x x x
Includes web portal to access files     x x x
Provides document management x   x x x
Verification software for form information       x x
Supports multiple verification stations         x
Supports business rules       x x
Allows email triggers to business rules       x x
Provides PDF of verified form       x x
Provides original image of handwritten form x   x x x
Provides image of verified form       x x
Supports XML export       x x
Supports CSV export       x x
Option to add attachments       x x
Supports user profiles       x x
Multiple search criteria x   x x x
Delivers time & date stamp of form input x     x x
Delivers time & date stamp of form verification       x x
Includes SQL database storage for form files     x x x
Custom interface plugins x     x x
Allows workflow policies x       x
Provides server support         x
Distributed architecture         x
GPS support   x x   x
Delivers management reporting         x
Option to host with Rover INK   x x   x