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Print ANY document from ANY application on ANY paper and get INSTANT PDFs of the document that includes your handwritten Information!

  • Digitally capture signatures and handwriting automatically without scanning
  • Annotate any document and share effortlessly
  • Collaborate easily on projects
  • Automatically store and email handwritten documents
  • Eliminate faxing, couriers and express mail and delivery services

Ink2DocsPen and paper will always be an effective way to collect and communicate information. With Ink2Docs entering handwritten data into your computer systems is quick and easy! Simply write on a document and instantly get a digital copy that contains your handwritten information. Ink2Docs instantly captures your handwriting electronically as you write allowing you to:

It’s Easy to Use:

Print your document by choosing the Ink2Docs printer option.

Your printed document can now be marked up with handwritten notes, signatures, etc. using a digital pen.

When finished, simply dock the pen to your computer.

Instantly, a PDF of your document is created that includes all of your handwriting.


PC requirements -
Microsoft® Windows® 2000 (SP4),Windows® XP (Home or Pro, SP2), or Windows Vista® Ultimate (32-bit)

Pen requirements -
Anoto Digital Pen DP-201

Flow Diagram - Ink2DocPrinting requirements -
Ink2Docs is designed to print A4, US letter and US legal size documents. It is strongly recommended to print the paper on a qualified printer. Qualified printers include:

OKI C5450
OKI C5900
OKI C6100
OKI C6150
OKI C710
OKI C9600
OKI C5950
OKI C8800
OKI C9650

If using a different printer, the following are the minimum requirements:

  • Color laser printer
  • Output of 600dpi or a multiple thereof (1200, 1800, 2400, ...)
  • PostScript Level 3 (PS3) driver, or capable of PS3 emulation