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A Pure Stroke of Genius, digital data captured from pen and paper


Rover INK® makes it possible to move data from the field to your back office in minutes opposed to days or weeks. It's fast and simple to implement with virtually no end-user training required. Rover INK® is based on Anoto digital pen and paper technology.

With Rover INK®, information from the field is available so fast that efficiencies across the board are improved almost immediately.

  • Eliminates transposition errors when re-keying data.
  • Reduces transaction costs by an average of 75%!
  • Reduces the need to manually key or re-key data.
  • Increases productivity and efficiency both in-house and in the field.
  • Improves cash flow by reducing the number of steps in the process before you can invoice for your products or services.
  • Generates a database of information automatically.
  • Integrates easily with any management software (accounting, planning, inventory, forecasting, etc.).
  • Improves workflow processes and provides for better customer response time.
  • Reduces paper retention and scanning efforts. No need to purchase expensive scanning equipment. No paper is automatically backed up with standard IT backup procedures.
  • Simplifies filing and improves data retrieval processes.
  • Requires no end user training. No operational impact.
  • Provides a cost effective opportunity with minimal hardware requirements.
  • 100% scalable.
  • 100% secure.

Rover provides the following services:

  • Current workflow and business processes analysis
  • Business process improvement
  • Mobile data
  • Data capture
  • Forms design and development
  • Forms printing
  • Facilities analysis for system integration
  • Installation of hardware and software components
  • Integration into back office systems
  • Custom development for reporting requirements
  • Technical Support
  • Custom training

Three basic components make up the Rover INK® solution: Pen, Paper and Software.